News : Do I need a solicitor ?

Do I need a solicitor ?

No. It's a myth that you need to pay a high priced solicitor to develop your Will.

After years of the public paying high priced lawyers and legal consultants to produce wills and legal documents provides the same with reasonable costs and non-jargon talk for our customers. Around 70% of wills in the UK are for uncomplicated wills, not requiring extra lawyer work or examination – a simple question and answer session with standard formatted answers.

Lawyers, legal consultants and solicitors have been over charging 70% of the public for basic will writing services for years, on the pretence that every will is complicated and therefore needs specialist legal advice and services – this is simply just not true.

In 2013 the Law Society launched a campaign calling on the government to make will writing a reserved activity making it only possible by solicitors, on 14 May 2013, the Lord Chancellor decided to reject the LSB's recommendations, keeping Will Writing available to everyone, not just solicitors. We provide you with the tools and support to provide a real alternative at an acceptable cost.

All of our services are developed and written by lawyers, ensuring the services you receive are at the same quality and requirements, as any lawyer would provide, without the high cost.

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