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Who is my Digital Executor ?

Sunday, 07 Feb. 2016 6:20pm

Your Digital Executors are 2 people that you choose as your 'Guardians' of the secret randomly generated 16 digit security.

The two people don't even have to know each other, they just have to know you and be in a position to know when you have passed away. Whenever you wish, we will send them by post or email their 16 digit code and directions where to use it. Even if the...

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What can I do with AfterWills Digital Afterlife?

Sunday, 07 Feb. 2016 6:14pm

We have designed the system to be flexible with your needs. Not only can you list and manage your existing digital assets but you can also create new ones on the fly.

Want to leave a video message to an old friend, but only send it when you pass away, you can do that.

Want to leave a photo to a family member, but only send it when you pass away, you can do that.


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How secure is my information ?

Sunday, 07 Feb. 2016 6:09pm

All of your data is sent from our 256bit encrypted SSL site But we don't stop there , your information is also held on our servers in an encrypted format that even our own systems engineers cannot read. Only when it it relayed back to you on your screen is it deciphered. Your data is backed up daily off site also to ensure there is always a backup should our systems fail for whatever r...

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Do I need a solicitor ?

Sunday, 07 Feb. 2016 6:02pm

No. It's a myth that you need to pay a high priced solicitor to develop your Will.

After years of the public paying high priced lawyers and legal consultants to produce wills and legal documents provides the same with reasonable costs and non-jargon talk for our customers. Around 70% of wills in the UK are for uncomplicated wills, not requiring extra lawyer work or ...

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Do Afterlife & Writer work as one?

Sunday, 07 Feb. 2016 5:51pm

Yes they can. Until now standard wills have not catered for your Digital Assets and so most people have been unsure of what to do when a loved one passes and leaves a large Digital Footprint. AfterWills Digital Afterlife was developed to exactly solve this problem and put you in control of your digital assets, and what happens to them after you are gone. We would advise you to make a standard W...

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Do you have a standard Will Service ?

Wednesday, 03 Feb. 2016 2:45pm

Yes, the 'Wills" menu item at the top of the page takes you to our Professional Will Writer.

With our Will Writer you can start making your standard Will which means you can produce the same quality and legal document that will be produced by your Solicitor, for a fraction of the price. Solicitors have for many years been providing standard and non complex Wills for '...

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